collect. swap. fun. friends. 

Meet the Girls


The FC girls live in Davey's Bay, a sea-side town surrounded by farms and the city. 

The FC girls go to the same school and are all best friends. 

FC Club house?
Is at the old secret quarry on the outskirts of Davey's Bay.  

FC Club fun? 
The FC girls love to hang out & chat, listen to music, read magazines and have adventures. 

Why the FC Club?
When the girls discovered the quarry they found a 4 leaf clover. Legend says that: So they called themselves the Forever Clover™ Club. They will be forever best friends! They love wearing a 4 leaf clover as a symbol of their friendship.

Maddie, Emma, Abbey, Matilda, Kate & Olivia are members of the Forever Clover Club, but you can join too. Join the Forever Clover™ Club for free today. Are you already a Forever Clover Club member? Follow our blog and send us a message. 



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