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About Us

Forever Clover® was established in Melbourne, Australia in 2011 and celebrates young girls and their friendships. 

Forever Clover launched with swap cards for young girls to collect and trade and has since expanded into novels and activity books. We are passionate about creating a product for young girls that is pretty and colourful, encourages learning through reading, collecting and swapping, is fun and, most importantly, is appropriate for their age and level of personal development. 

Forever Clover is aimed at girls aged 4 to 11 years. 

Forever Clover feature 6 girls who are best friends: Maddie, Emma, Abbey, Matilda, Kate & Olivia. The Forever Clover girls play sport & instruments, listen to music, go to school, relax, ride bikes, camp, get dirty, share birthday parties and amazing experiences and have fun together at their secret meeting place, the old quarry. 

The key theme of the Forever Clover range of products is friendship. Friendship is celebrated and quotes on friendship feature prominently in the swap cards. 

As well as friendship between the Forever Clover girls, the Forever Clover girls' pets feature in the cards and novels.  The swap cards show pictures of the girls having fun with their pets as well as caring for and loving them. 

The swap cards come in packets of 6 and group together to form various pairs and sets. Forever Clover swap card albums and collector tins are also available to hold the swap cards. Girls will love organising and re-organising their cards over and over! 

For further information, see the Parent's section. 

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