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Winners of the Favourite Sport Swap Card competition

Posted on October 23, 2015 | 0 comments

Hi girls

We had our regional aths sports races yesterday and my team won the girls 4 x 100 m rely by a good 10 metres.  It was so exciting, especially because Abbey was also in the team with me.  Kate, Olivia, Emma and Matilda were there to cheer us and our other team mates, Ella and Phoebe, along.  I was the last runner and I was so nervous that I was going to drop the banner.  I had a lead but I knew one of the girls from the other teams from Little Aths and I knew she was FAST!  But we won and we were the happiest bunch of clovers you have ever seen.  I had my trusty yellow clover pinned to my sneakers…so I think all that luck really helped us on the day.

Thanks to you all for entering the Favourite Sports swap card competition. Ruth suggested this as a competition idea.


Imarsha (12)

Nerasha (6)

Binusha (8)



Our two winners with exceptional artwork are Imarsha and Madilyn.  A special mention to Naomi for your beautiful artwork too. A big thanks girls for entering and don't forget to enter our Fruit Salad com over competition before the end of Sunday 25 October.

Love & running


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