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Who is the new girl in Davey's Bay

Posted on October 08, 2015 | 1 comment

Hi girls

We know you have been waiting to hear all about the new girl in Davey's Bay.  Well we have met so many and we love them all.

Olivia (10)

Meet Georgia

Indigo (8)

Meet Mave


Meet Beca

Charlotte M

Meet Lily and Gracie

Charlotte N (6)

Meet Alice


Meet Audrey


All of the new girls in town are really fun and we are all going to catch up at Olivia's mum's cafe for a milkshake and fruit salad stick after school!

The two winners of this competition are Indigo and Indi.  We love Mave and Beca, although I am a little scared of meeting Mave's pet wolf! I don't think Zac will be a fan either! We just love Mave's dress Indigo! And Indi, Zac can't wait to have a play with Beca's cat Sapphire. What a pretty name.  Can you please both send us your address and which tin and which cards you would like as your prize.

Special mentions to Charlotte M (stunning work Charlotte) and Naomi (Audrey's picture is wonderful). 

Love & new friends

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  • Indigo

    Yo fc for the new girl comp I would like the old design of Olivia and if I can’t get that I’d like Kate and for the swap cards I’d like 4,3,2 series

    Love and fun Indigo

    Ps can’t wait till I get my prize and good job to everyone out there who entered the new girl comp


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