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A lucky last term

Posted on October 05, 2015 | 3 comments

Hi girls

Welcome back to Term 4.  Did you have a fun and relaxing school holidays? We certainly did.

Whilst we were away we got this very cool email from Naomi who found, wait for it, a 6 LEAF CLOVER! Now how lucky is that.  

Here is Naomi's message to us all:

"Guess what I found while walking our dog today....A SIX LEAF CLOVER! When we walk our dog, I usually look four leaf clovers, in the patches of clover by the road. All that looking definitely pays off! I've already found this six leaf clover and another four leaf clover this month!"

Too lucky Naomi!

Enjoy the first day back clover friends.

Love & school

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  • Kate

    Hi Amielle & Anushka
    Thanks for your messages. We are so happy you have stopped by the Blog to see Amielle and that you like our books!
    Anushka, we will try and announce the winners this week. We have been away for a week on school holidays (like you) and are a little behind with our jobs! I hope you understand.x
    Love Kate

  • Amielle

    Wow so cool!! I’m new to forever clover, and I love it so far!!! Ps the books are awesome!

  • anushka

    hi fc your so lucky naomi you found a 6 leaf clover so lucky

    just wondering when you will say the winners of the new girl comp and afl clovers



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