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Winners of the Favourite Series 4 Swap Card Competition

Posted on September 07, 2015 | 0 comments

Hi girls

Do you get effort grades at school during the term?  We do.  Half way through each term our class room teacher gives us effort grades in our diaries.  5 is the top mark you can get for effort, but not many kids get 5s (other than Kate!). 3 is the average mark.  I get in big trouble at home if I get anything less than 3! Luckily I get 3s and 4s!

Having all sat together at the club house over the weekend, we think you all deserve "5s" for effort for your Series 4 drawings.  So CLOVER CLEVER you all are.  Thanks for putting in so much effort.


Lana (9)


Phoebe (7)

Eliza (5)



Raphaela (9)

Hannah (10)

Maddie (11)

Our two winners for this competition are Eliza (5) and Lana (9). Thanks girls.  Eliza, wow, you are such a good drawer for 5 years old and Emma loves how you drew her singing.  Lana, a clovertastic spy of Minty and Molly, the cutest bunnies in Davey's Bay.

Special mentions have to go to Zhixi & Naomi for their efforts.  We'd love to have more winners….

Love & swap cards

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