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Winners of the Forever Clover bookmark competition

Posted on September 04, 2015 | 4 comments

Hi girls

Thanks to the clover creative Ruth for suggesting this book mark competition for you all to enter.  We had some really wonderful entries.  I want your bookmarks!

Yve (5)



Indi (9)


Jolie (8)


Maddie (11)


Raphaela (9)

Charlotte (9)

Our two very lucky winners are Yve, who is only 5 year old, and Jolie, who is 8 years.  Olivia loves the cartoon version you drew of her Jolie singing with a clover in her hand.  Special mentions to Charlotte and Raphaela for beautiful bookmarks.  We hope you love using them.

Love & happy reading

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  • Abbey

    Hi Ruth
    Zoe and Naomi won the bead comp. You can see it here: http://foreverclover.com.au/blogs/news/47400581-winners-of-the-bead-competition
    Love Abbey

  • Ruth

    Who won the bead contest?

  • Abbey

    Great idea Charlotte. Maybe we can do that next month for the October prizes.

  • Charlotte M

    I love all the book marks. Well done to the winners. I love the Black Beauty one, I just read it and dressed up as Black Beauty for Book Week. Just an idea maybe one month the prizes could be FC vouchers and if you are a lucky winner you can choose something you need/want for your collection. Happy Fathers Day weekend xx


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