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Maddie & Naomi found a four leaf clover

Posted on August 27, 2015 | 1 comment

Hi girls

It seems there was lots of luck and lots of good four leaf clover spotting last weekend.

Maddie sent us this photo and message:

Today my family went to a park to catch up with some friends. While I was eating my lunch I looked down and saw a 4 lead clover! I was so excited!
From Maddie
Naomi sent us this photo and message:
Dear FC,
Today when I was at church I was looking for four leaf clovers. I didn't have any luck at first and was just about to give up when I found one! I really wanted to show my friends so I forgot to look for more. Soon I came back with some of my friends and looked in the same spot and we found a lot more! Some of the other kids soon joined us and at the end of it all I had found about ten four leaf clovers!!!! Some of the kids even found five leaf clovers and apparently a six leaf clover!!! It was a great Sunday!
Love Naomi
P.S I took a picture of my collection of four leaf clovers to show you. (It's a bit dark because I took it in the evening)
WOW…I wish I could have come along.  It sounds like a very lucky place!
We will enter both photos in our monthly four leaf clove comp!
Love & luck


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  • Naomi

    We aren’t quite sure if they’re real four leaf clovers. I really want to know though!


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