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Winners of the Bead Competition

Posted on August 21, 2015 | 1 comment

Hi girls

This week went so fast and I am so happy it is over because we had a huge spelling test today.  100 words!  I wonder how I went.  Have you been watching the new Spelling Bee show on TV?

We finally got around to meeting at the clubhouse last night and looking at all the entries in the Bead Competition.  In fact we have pinned them all to the pin board they are so cute!













Our winners for this very creative competition are Naomi and Zoe.  Naomi, we just love your very intricate bracelet and Zoe, we love how much effort you put into your necklace and bracelet!  Thanks to all of you though for entering.  We hope you had fun!

Don't forget to send in your Series 4 favourite swap card drawings before the end of Sunday!

Love & swimming

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  • anushka

    hi fc, naomi and zoe you guys did a really good job at making the beads and also fc i was wondering if maybe for next months compititions
    we could do a word scrable on pets

    love anushka and good job naomi and zoe


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