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Artwork of the month

Posted on July 21, 2015 | 1 comment

Hi girls

Each month we include a segment in our newsletter called "Artwork of the Month".  Neha has entered this creative clay clover creation (is it Playdoh Neha?).  We love it and consider it entered!

Also, Neha came up with a fun competition that we will run in the August newsletter.  But so that you have plenty of time to put your thinking caps on, it will be a bead competion.

Neha suggests:

"To remind you the bead competition is a competition to make beads -  whoever makes the best creation wins!"

Thanks for the suggestion Neha.  We have lots of fun and cute comps coming up next month.  Make sure you enter our School Holiday Clover comp before the end of the Sunday 26 July.

Love & art


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  • Neha

    Thank you so much for putting up the creation and the idea on your blog
    To be honest I actually got it for my birthday and when I saw the pictures on the box I saw a clover clay or Plado cutter I straight away went on my creation without reading what it said. ;)


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