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Entries in the holiday photo competition

Posted on July 14, 2015 | 1 comment

Hi girls

We love seeing all your entries in the School Holiday photo competition coming through. We didn't go away these holidays but I had the best time with my friends and family in Davey's Bay.



I took one of my favourite cards to see the koalas at Healesville Sanctuary and my Wizard of Oz magnets to a Cinderella pantomime.
Hope everyone had a fun holiday time.
Love Charlotte x


On the holidays I saw the Sentosa merlion at singapore!



Here is an entry for the school holiday picture com.

It is at Timezone with the rarest series 4 card.

I am 10 years old.



My name is Emma and I am 6 years old. I love my Forever Clover cards. 
This picture is of me at the beach being a winter version of Kate (card 159).
From Emma 



Dear fc,
I'm Maddie and I'm 11. Here is my entry for the holiday snap comp I hope you like it.
I went to a trampoline park (like every holiday) and the zoo, I wanted A photo of a lion but it was to hard.
I hope you like it 
From Maddie


Naomi & Hannah
Dear fc, 
Here is our entry for the school holiday photo comp. We did not go away in the school holidays this term, but we did act in a play at our church holiday club. It was really fun! This is us in our costumes in front of the stage. In the play I am an ant called Megan and Hannah is a caterpillar called Wally. (It was a play with bugs in it)
Love from Naomi (11) and Hannah (8)


Winners announced later in the week!  We will keep you waiting.... 

Don't forget to create a Holiday Clover for the other July comp, due Sunday 26 July.

Love & holidays


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  • Katelin

    did you get my entry?


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