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Winners of the Street Sign competition

Posted on June 24, 2015 | 3 comments

Hi girls

Guess what?  One of my brothers broke his leg today.  He has a spiral fracture of the tibia.  It sounds awful and he seems to be in a lot of pain.  He was doing jumps on his skate board and just landed the wrong way.  I feel so sorry for him because now he has to spend all school holidays in a plaster cast barely moving. I've been helping mum look after him in the hospital.  I think he wishes he was at home.

We did find the time after school yesterday to judge the winners of the Street Sign competition. We had some super clover cute entries.



Davey's Bay Yacht Club

Clubhouse Drive (so cool!)



Quarry Lane


Clover Lane



Clover Lane


Clover Court

And our two winners are Charlee & Imogen.  We love that you found a Davey's Bay Yacht club Charlee and that Imogen found a Quarry Lane. So clover cool.  If you could send us your address and which series of cards you would like for your prize we will send it out to you.

Don't forget that the Snowflake clovers are due this Sunday.

Love and get better soon bro!



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  • Miff


  • Kate

    Happy Birthday Imarsha. Did you have the best day? What did you get for your birthday? Love Kate x

  • Imarsha

    Guess what it’s my birthday today FC!


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