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Winners of the Design a Pet Swap Card competition

Posted on June 19, 2015 | 0 comments

Hi girls

It's Friday and I am excited because we only have a week to go until school holidays!  We met in the club house after school yesterday and lay all the Pet Swap Card design entries over our rug.  We were so excited because there were so many cute entries.  You should have seen Matilda!  She loves animals so much she wanted to hug all the sheets of paper!

Here are the entries:

Olivia (9)


Indi drew her cat Clover who died when she was 7.  We are so sorry to hear that Indi.

Charlotte N (6)


Zhixi (9)

Charlee (9)

Imogen (6)

Maddie (11)

Maddie drew her dog Ralph. He is an English Boxer.


Imarsha (11)

Miff (13)

Raphaela (8)

Raphaela loves watching 101 Dalmatians and even though she doesn't own a pet she wishes she had a Dalmatian. I agree.  How cute are those spots!

Hannah (8)

This is Bella Bunny.

Naomi (11)

Naomi has drawn Teddy, her gorgeous labrador puppy.


Nerasha (6)

And the winners are Naomi and Olivia.  We love your adorable puppy Naomi and the way you did the back of the swap card with all the facts about Teddy (such a clover cute name!).  Olivia, we think your drawing is amazing.  You can come and help with our swap cards!  Can you both please email us which 3 packets of swap cards you would like as your prize (with your colouring pad) and your address.

To everyone else, thanks for your amazing efforts. We love getting your entries and we hope that you love seeing each others. 

 Happy weekend.

 Love & blue

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