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Have you found a four leaf clover?

Posted on July 23, 2015 | 2 comments

Hi girls

Do you know how many hours I have spent searching for four leaf clovers?  Mum says it must be hundreds as I am absolutely obsessed with looking for them.  With my own red four leaf clover charm in my hand I search for four leaf clovers in the grass at school when we are eating lunch, at home, at the quarry, at my grandparents, on the pavement when I am walking to Emma's house….anywhere and everywhere!

Did you know that each month we have a Four Leaf Clover winner of the month in our newsletter.  The winner receives 4 packets of swap cards (of their choice), one for each leaf of the clover!

Naomi and Hannah both recently found a four leaf clover and we love these photos!



If you find a four leaf clover, send your photo to fcclub@foreverclover.com.au

Love & clovers (four leaf ones!)

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  • Zhixi

    Good luck with finding more four leaf clovers!

  • Naomi

    Hi FC
    Thank you for putting our pictures on the blog! Something really annoying happened a few days ago. We went to point danger to look for whales and there was a lookout that was on top of a cliff. Over the fence of the lookout near the edge of the cliff was a patch of clover that looked like it had something that may have been a six leef clover in it! Of course I couldn’t be sure because it was on the edge of the cliff and I wasn’t allowed to go and get it. It was so annoying!


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