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Have you found the rare Friendship Clover?

Posted on June 15, 2015 | 5 comments

Hi girls

Have you managed to find the rare rainbow Friendship Clover in your Series 4 swap cards?  I love this card so much because it is a mix of all 6 of our favourite colours.  It really is a special symbol of our friendship.

Miff did this great drawing of the Friendship Clover.  Thanks Miff.

Happy Monday to all.  Make sure you get started on this week's competition.  It is the Street Sign comp.  Take a photo of a FC swap card and any street, park, cafe etc sign that relates to Forever Clover in some way.  Entries due by Sunday 21 June.

Love & friendship


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  • Skye Brown

    hi forever clover
    how do you get the rare clover charm? do you send the coupons and the charms?
    thanks lots!!!!!

    Love from Skye

    ps: I love forever clover!!!

  • Miff

    I have found it! And thanks everyone!

  • Zhixi

    That’s an awesome drawing!

  • Lily

    That clover is so realistic! You are a great drawer! I love the shape of the clover. Have you found the rainbow clover yet? I still haven’t !

    Xx lily

  • Charlotte M

    That’s a beautiful drawing, Miff. I love that card xx


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