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Winners of the I Love Competition

Posted on June 06, 2015 | 0 comments

Hi girls

It's Friday and we have a long weekend from school and so I am so happy.  To top off my happy day, we are having pizza for dinner and mum has made chocolate mousse! I love chocolate mousse, but then I think you know that I love anything that is chocolate!  My mum is such a good cook.  Her mousse is one of the most popular menu items at the Davey's Bay cafe and she often runs out.  I love it when she grates peppermint chocolate on top!

We spent our lunch time at school yesterday looking at the I Love Clover entries you sent in.  They were really very clover cool.  We are going to pin them on the pin board at our secret club house at the quarry this weekend.  I find it inspirational looking at the things other people love.

Naomi (11)


Zhixi (9)

Helena (9)


Nerasha (6)

Maddie (11)

Charlee (9)

Imogen (6)

Miff (12)

And our 2 winners are Imogen (6) and Helena (9).  We love Imogen all the heart leaves up the stem of your clover!  Helena, we love that you love dragons and adventure - just like us!   Please send us an email with the tote bag and the 2 packets of swap cards you would like as your prize.  Don't forget to also give us your address!

Thanks to everyone who entered ad who put so much effort into their creations.

Have the best weekend friends.  I hope you get chocolate mousse for dessert too!

Love & chocolate


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