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Charlotte's Budgie Bluebell Snow

Posted on June 04, 2015 | 3 comments

Hi girls

I love birds, especially budgies and I was clover excited to hear that Charlotte got a new one. She sent us this picture of Bluebell Snow and this message:

"I just got a new budgie this weekend - my birthday wish came true, I have wanted one for a long time. I am very excited to have her.

Her name is Bluebell and her middle name is Snow. My brother and I are going to try and teach her to talk. I already love her so much.
I'm turning 9 in a few days. I started collecting FC cards when I was 6 and I am still a big fan!"

Isn't that just the cutest bird and the best name!  Do any of your pets have super cute names like Bluebell Snow?

Love & budgies

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  • Lily

    Oh she’s so adorable. I love the name bluebell. At guides I am a patrol leader and my patrol is called bluebells. Funny his name is snow because my bunny flopsys middle name was snowy. He was an albino.


  • Charlotte M

    Hi FC and friends

    It’s my birthday yay!!! I am 9 today.
    And we have a curriculum day – how exciting!
    Thankyou for showing Bluebell, I love her so much. Our dog Bronte is making friends with her too.
    Love a very big FC fan!!! Xxxx

  • Binusha

    Hi FC,
    When are you going to decide the I love clover comp?


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