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Entries in the POEM competition & the winner!

Posted on May 06, 2015 | 6 comments

Hi girls

We love this entry from Miff, 12.

Forever clover has cool swap cards,

Six girls- Maddie, Matilda and Kate 
Don't forget Emma, Olivia and Abbey,
Who are all really great!
They have six pets,
A secret quarry,
A lot of fun,
If you haven't not got a swap card you better hurry!
So sparkly and shiny,
Collect them all,
Or swap with a friend,
You'll have a ball!


Binusha's entry (8)


Here is Amber's entry (10 years)

Forever Clover means friendship
fun and kinship
Olivia loves gymnastics and her bunnies
she looks cool wearing her sunnies
Kate loves swimming and Zac her cat
and she also loves wearing her hat
Matilda loves baby animals and living on a farm
she wears cool jewellery and loves her charm
Emma loves Asha her dog and doing ballet
she loves putting her skills on display
Maddy loves sport and Jonty her mouse
she also lives in a very cool house
Abbey loves Moby her puppy and the cool, Winter snow
when she goes skiing she really is a pro!

Next is Maddie (11)

I love forever clover, it's the best

Forget all the rest
Olivia, Maddie, Emma, Kate
They are all very talented and great
There is Abbey and Matilda too
Matilda loves the zoo
They have great comps to enter and maybe win
You will get a grin
It doesn't matter if your favourite colour is red, green, yellow or blue
Forever Clover will suit you!
Neha sent in her acoustic poem (11)
And finally Emma (10)
You know that we L O V E everyone's entries but the winner of today's poem competition is AMBER!  Well done Amber, your poem made us smile!  Can you please email your address to fcclub@foreverclover.com.au and we will send your prize.
Keep warm friends!
Love & poems


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  • Binusha

    Great poems everyone! Good job!

  • Binusha

    Hi FC.
    Just wondering when are you going to judge the
    Design your own swap card comp I really would
    Like to know the winner so please tell me soon
    Thanks for your understanding and thanks for
    Your time to read my message I really hope you tell us soon!
    Love from

  • Binusha

    Hey FC,
    just wondering when are you going to judge the design your own swap card comp because it has been a long time and I really would like to know the winner
    Thanks for your understanding
    Love and clovers

  • Maddie

    Good job everyone!
    Neha that was AWESOME how you peom was an acoustic and it said going down,
    Ok Emma!
    That was so cool
    Keep up the good work every forever clover fan

  • Zhixi

    Nice poems! You guys are all experts!

  • Miff

    I love all the poems! So creative!


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