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School holiday fun

Posted on April 10, 2015 | 5 comments

Hi girls

Is everyone enjoying the school holidays? We have been getting some cute mail and pictures of things that FC Clubbers have been up to.  Here are some of my faves!

Zhixi created a new tissue design.  Cool.  Bless you!

Zhixi also made this cool autumn collage.  Zhixi says: jumping and landing into a pile of autumn leaves is a lot of fun! My favourite season is Autumn! The sunset colours are so colourful with the autumn breeze everyday!

Charlotte has had some time to colour - ME@

Here is Maddie's favourite page in her swap card album:

Neha made a FC mobile for her little brother - and he loves it. (And so do we!)

Send us your holiday snaps.

Love and holidays


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  • Charlotte M

    It’s fun seeing everyone’s art and FC pictures and nice when everyone sends kind messages to each other. Back to school tomorrow x

  • Zhixi

    I love the holidays! My favourite season is Autumn. What are your faves?

  • maddie

    Very nice tissue! And great colouring.
    Neha i love your mobile. Your brother is super lucky

  • Zhixi

    Autumn is my favourite season!! What are yours?

  • Neha

    You must have most of the 4 leaf clover cards Maddie I really like your page and I love your colouring page Charlotte. Your tissue idea was really good and your collage is really good too Zhixi.


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