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FC Club Members' mail - Neha and Bridget!

Posted on April 02, 2015 | 1 comment

Hi girls

Some mail from you girls!

Neha has the best ideas ever!  We love both of these.  


"Dear FC

Hello it's Neha I have got another cool idea and it's an Easter egg hunt.
You know how when going on an Easter hunt you try to find chocolate eggs, well I thought of a new cool idea, a Forever Clover Easter Egg hunt, anyone can try this. Well all you have to do is find some plastic eggs that can open like the picture below. Then you can put Forever Clover cards in. I found out that it doesn't work when you put regular sized cards but it does work with mini cards and charms like the other picture below.  Using those items you can make an Easter egg hunt and who ever finds an egg gets to keep the charm/card in the egg.
I hope you like this Forever Clover Easter egg hunt idea."

Neha, we love it and we are so going to do this on Sunday at the club house.

Second…..we love Neha's Forever Clover "To Do List".  What a great idea! We could use those notepads to help us clean up the club house!

Bridget wanted to share with us a page from her album.  Thanks Bridget.  Which is your favourite card on this page?

If you want us to post something you have made, send it to us at fcclub@foreverclover.com.au!

Love and Easter


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  • Zhixi

    Good idea, Neha!


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