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Jolie's swap card collection

Posted on March 28, 2015 | 5 comments

Hi girls

Happy Saturday to you.  I am off for a horse ride with Kate.  There is an equestrian trail that runs around the back of the quarry and so we are going to ride that trail and then meet the other girls at the club house for lunch.  Emma wants us to do some tidying up inside the club house so I think we are going to be busy! We have made a bit of a mess getting all our Easter hats done for school & now we have to tidy up - according to Emma!

Thanks Jolie for sending us through a picture of your swap card collection.  You have lots of cards there!  I can see you found the rare Friendship Clover card.  That is one of my favourites.

We love getting mail and so if you want to send us a message, just email your letters and photos to fcclub@foreverclover.com.au and if we can we will post them on the blog.

Have a cloverly happy day.

Love & horse riding

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  • Zhixi

    I’m sure it won’t hurt that much, Anushka. First times can always be kind of scary.

  • anushka

    sorry about in the last one i mis spelt pearsed and ear

  • Jolie

    Well there not all of my cards there just some because I didn’t have time to and not allot of room on the floor
    Love Jolie

  • Maddie

    What an awesome collection, you are super lucky to find that rare card

  • Anushka

    Hi FC I’m getting my ears pearled on Tuesday I’m really scared
    Love and eare anushka


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