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Best friends are like a four leaf clover….

Posted on March 23, 2015 | 7 comments

hard to find and lucky to have, how lucky are you? 

WOW Charlotte, what a wonderful picture you have created of a set of our swap cards.  That drawing must have taken you ages! 

I have 5 of the best friends ever! Matilda, Olivia, Emma, Abbey and Maddie.  We are all so different but we have so much fun together.  I couldn't imagine life without my FC gang.  

Are you lucky enough to have some wonderful friends? What are their names?

Love and best friends



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  • Zhixi

    Charlotte, you have lots of things posted on the blog. You must be a huge fan of forever clover, just like me!

  • Maddie

    Yes Charlotte, I am a BIG forever clover fan

  • anushka

    hi all my bfffs are Maddie, Mitali Mika and Frances

  • Charlotte

    Thanks Maddie. You seem like a big FC fan like me :)

  • Lily

    My BFFLs are keira, abbey, pip, sienna, nyoka and Aspen.

  • Maddie

    I forgot to say In my other comment, Charlotte that picture is so cute, it must of taken you forever to do. I really like the bunnies they are super cute. And your flower looks so much like the real one. Great job! Kate you are super lucky to have the other forever clover girls by your side forever and always! I couldn’t imagine life without my BFF’s. Now I am going to go and finish my easter bunny clover to send in.

    I can’t wait until easter in less than 2 weeks, I’m super exited. I hope I get lots of yummy chocolate eggs.
    Love and eggs

  • Maddie

    Hi fc,
    I have so many friends that I probly couldn’t name them all. Friends are always so nice, they are hard to find. I went to the park yesterday with my friend and we looked for four leaf clovers, sadly we didn’t find any?!
    Happy easter fc people and I hope the easter bunny finds everyone!?
    Love and friends


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