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Do you love our mini swap cards?

Posted on March 16, 2015 | 14 comments

Do you love the Series 4 mini swap cards? We absolutely LOVE them because they are soooo CUTE!

How cool are Lily's dolls here swapping the minis.  I love the rug they are sitting on.

For today, best comment will win a set of 6 of the mini swap cards!

Love & minis

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  • Jolie

    Hi FCC girls
    The mini cards are soooo cute I cant resist looking at them!
    My tow little twins are always beging too play with them.
    But they are only four so no

  • Imarsha

    Hi FC I LOVE Forever Clover EVERYTHING! I told everyone in my class about you and they start collecting charms, cards, packs and more! Even my sisters love FC! The first ever book i picked up is Olivia’s Fantastic Gymnastics. It was the best book i have ever read. I love the book and have read all of them. I think the charms and mini swap cards are so cool and fun to collect. Collecting FC really makes me happy and excited when i get new packs.

    From Imarsha
    Love Clovers

  • Shannan

    The mini cards are so sweet
    They are ideal to give them as a treat
    So cute, colourful and small
    We must collect them all!

  • Charlotte M

    How was The Lion King, Abbey?
    I have seen Plays of Beauty and the Beast and Alice In Wonderland. They were both fun and beautiful. We love watching the lion king movie. I’m collecting the disney dominoes, wouldn’t Forever Clover dominoes be great. I’m going to healesville sanctuary for an excursion this week. My brother is going too – our whole school. And mum. We are all very excited. Lily, your dolls are very cute x

  • Sophi

    Little cards big fun. That a great idea my sis used her mini swap card for her shopkins and Littlest pet shop.

    ❤️ Sophi, The FC Lover!


  • Amber

    I love the mini swap cards and I have been lucky enough to find the rare mini friendship card! The cards are so cute and I love the ones with the animals the best.

  • Lizzie

    Because it’s Autumn I’d I’ve to swap Olivia swinging in the tree with the Autumn leaves? Would you like Moby and the Spring tulips instead?

  • Abbey

    I absolutely love all of the series 3 & 4 swap cards. They soooo amazing ?

  • Lily

    Their names are Audrey and blithy. The pink haired one is mine and the other one is mums.

  • Neha

    Oops! I was meant to write:
    I love the mini swap cards because they are great for your doll to do swapping because they are the right size and it was such a good idea now you don’t just collect regular sized swap cards, you can collect mini swap cards too.


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