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Maddie's poem and Lily's balloon

Posted on March 13, 2015 | 5 comments

Hi girls

Yeah, it's Friday.  I am going to see the Lion King tomorrow with all the girls and I can't wait.  It was a special Christmas present for us all.  Have you ever been to see a stage show?

Maddie sent us her Forever Clover poem last night after reading Neha's yesterday.  Thanks Maddie.

Forever clover is the best
It is different to the rest
They have made lots of cards for series one two three and four
They are overflowing out the door
Maddie, Emma, Matilda, Olivia, Abbey and Kate
They are all so great
Forever Clover sells books, albums, tins, key rings
And lots of other things.
They are always updating their blog
Emma and Abbey have a pet dog
Maddie likes to play basketball
When Kate plays the violin she is proud and stands up tall
Matilda likes to ride a horse
Olivia likes to do gymnastics of course
Enter their competitions before it is to late
You could win a prize that is really really great
Thanks Maddie.  Another clever poet!
And we love this as a send off for the weekend.  BANG.  Well let's hope Lily's Forever Clover rocks balloon does not bang.  WE LOVE IT LILY! Thanks so much for thinking of us and sharing that photo with us.
I'll tell you about my roaring Lion King experience on Monday!
Love & lions


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  • Zhixi

    Wow! You guys are just all so creative!

  • Lily

    Thanks Maddie!

  • Maddie

    I love that balloon

  • Lily

    It has not popped yet but it is getting smaller! Nice poem Maddie!

  • Neha

    Wow Maddie you are a great poet too and I love that balloon idea too Lily


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