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BFF Snap Competition

Posted on March 02, 2015 | 6 comments

Happy Monday to all our Clover friends!

Hope you all had fun with our BFF Snap competition over the weekend.

We had some fantastic entries in.

MADDIE AND MIFF recreated the card in their picture. Very clever!


A special shout out to HANNAH AND EMMA. This photo was taken at school before a full day of learning.

Our winner for the BFF Snap competition is...


The girls with their lion onesie card checking out the new Lion Gorge enclosure at the Melbourne Zoo. Awesome Pic!

You all look like fantastic friends. You are all so lucky to have each other.

Congratulations Zara and Tilly. Your prizes will be sent to you shortly.

Thanks for sending all the entries in!


We still have 2 more crossword prizes up for grabs too :)

Better get your answers in quick!

To enter the crossword competition head to our website and it is under the latest newsletter.

Good Luck!


Love and prizes



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  • Lily

    That is a cute dogs name. Thanks for replying girls.

  • Miff

    Our dog’s name is Lulu and thanks

  • Maddie

    What a cute name for a fish. Our dogs name is lulu maddie

  • Lily

    Lucky you Tilly and Zara. Great idea to take it the zoo. Miff and Maddie,it was a great idea to re-make that card. You have such a cute doggy! What’s his name? I have never had a dog because my dad is allergic to them:( but I do have a fish. He is gold and his name is sushi. ?

  • Maddie

    Congrats Zara and Tilly, there was some great entry’s. You guys were very clever.
    Love and lions maddie

  • Miff

    Wow, great photos everyone. Great job Zara and Tilly. So creative!


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