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Zac's Sore Paw

Posted on February 13, 2015 | 7 comments

It was dinner time on Wednesday night so I ran to the back door to call in Zac who had been playing in the garden.

He came crawling out of a bush covered in leaves and limping.

He had a very sore front paw and when we tried to have a look at it he jumped and hid under the couch.

Something was very wrong.

He finally came out from hiding to have some dinner and we grabbed him to have another look. 

Mum found a prickle sticking out of his paw. We got some tweezers and mum carefully pulled it out.

Zac didn't like it one bit.

But we knew he would be more comfortable now it was out. He must have walked through a prickle or rose bush.

He's paw was still sore this yesterday but is much better today and he is bouncing around as normal.

Thank goodness he is ok.

It was a little bit scary not knowing what was wrong with him.

Have you ever had a pet emergency? 

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Love and Pets


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  • Maddie

    No my last name isn’t neighbour. Sorry anushka
    Love and names

  • Maddie

    Do you mean me for the last name????

  • Anushka

    Poor zac I was just wondering what maddies last name is is it neighbour.?
    Not swap card Maddy but the one on the comments for zacs saw poor

  • Charlotte m

    Hope you are ok now Zac. Bronte broke her toe once x

  • Maddie

    Poor zac

  • Jazzii

    Poor Zac I hope he is back to normal soon I have once cut my dogs ear and It was bleading but it stops my mum did it when she was trying to cut his hair because it was long and he kept moving so it was very here now we get a person to come and cut his hair for us

  • indi

    hope zac is okay say i to him from me


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