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Southland and Docklands Holiday Visit

Posted on January 06, 2015 | 4 comments

Happy purple day everyone!

I am calling it purple day because I am wearing a purple skirt, Purple top (with sparkles) and a matching purple headband.

Can you tell that I totally love purple?

My next favourite colour is pink. But when I was younger I use to love yellow better.

What is you favourite colour? 

Would you like to receive a free packet of cards? Forever Clover is making a couple of appearances at stores over the holidays.

Toyworld Southland Wednesday 7th January 12.30-2.00

Toyworld Harbour town (Docklands) Thursday 8th January 12.00- 1.30

Toyworld Greensborough Tuesday 13th January 1.00-2.30


Forever Clover would love to see you there!

Pop in and say hello :)

Love and Purple




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  • Maddie

    Hi I can’t wait until the next newsletter

  • FC Club

    The 2015 newsletter will still be running each month. Just having a break for January xo

  • Anushka

    How exiting I will probably be there also I just wanted to see what’s happening with the 2015 newsletter love anushka

  • Lily

    My favourite colour is purple too!
    Happy purple day Forever clover. Xx lily


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