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Swimming on the Holidays

Posted on January 14, 2015 | 5 comments

Splash! Splash! Splash!

What a fantastic way to spend a day of the holidays.

We all got to go down to the local pool yesterday because it was pretty warm.

Our local pool has diving boards but we only go on the small one. The other one is way too high.

We love to go in the deep end and do bombs. You know when you hold your legs up to your chest. 

We all try to do the biggest splash.

It certainly cooled us down. 

What a fun day!

Love and water

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  • FC Club

    We love having swimming lessons :)

  • Jazz

    It is hot there is a pool near where I live it has 2 driving boards I mostly go on the small on it also has a indoor pool

  • Emma

    I have a pool at home! My family plays in it all
    Summer☀️? we have lots of pool toys! Lots of people
    Love to come over and swim in my family’s pool!:)

  • lily

    Our pool does not have diving boards as it is too shallow :( but it does have two slides – one fast and one long twisty turvy slide. I have not been there yet these holidays but I go there every week for lessons during the school term.
    Love and goggles

  • Charlotte m

    My brother and I love the pool. Its one of my favourite things to do and the pool party FC cards are my favourites xx


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