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Day Competition!

Posted on January 08, 2015 | 0 comments

I love being on holidays.

Not only can I sleep in a little longer but I love hearing the postman beep his horn when he has mail for us.

I rush out as soon as I hear it! It is normally pretty boring mail but sometimes it can be very exciting. Especially around birthday times!

Do you love receiving mail? 

So todays competition is a little different.

You have to be in the first 8 (because todays date is the 8th!) to send us a picture of your letterbox. 

You must include some Forever Clover cards and you can choose if you want to be in the photo or not.

Remember only the first 8 entries will win.

The prize up for grabs today is 2 packets of Series 4 cards and 1 rare friendship clover charm.

Send your entries as quick as you can to


Better get snapping!

Oh and if you would like some more packets of free cards head down to Toyworld in Harbour town Docklands and Forever Clover will be there! 

Forever Clover will be walking around Docklands today from 12-1.30. If you come down to visit make sure you mention the word "DAISY"  to receive a free Tote bag! They only have 5 to give away.

Love and stamps


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