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Day competition and Winners!

Posted on October 13, 2014 | 6 comments

Good morning fellow clovers.

How did everyone spend their weekend? The sun was shinning all day yesterday and it was really warm. I can't wait until summer arrives!

So it got me thinking about a day comp….

I am thinking about 3 words that I am most looking forward to this summer. If you can guess the correct 3 words you will win 2 packets of Series 4 cards.

All you have to do is pick one word from each line and if you pick the same as me you win!

A) Sun or Heat

B) Water or Swimming

C) Splashing, BBQ or Icy Poles


Only one entry per person and winners will be announced Wednesday 15th October. That gives you 2 days to get your answers in.

Send them to fcclub@foreverclover.com.au


We also have to announce our winners from the Forever Clover App competition.

We had some very creative entries sent into us.







Hannah D,

Hannah M,


Our Fantastic Runner Up is:



Our WINNER is:



Congratulations to our 2 prize getters.

All the entries were just so fantastic and made our job of picking winners very very hard.

Can our winners please send in their address details and we can get your prizes in the mail for you.

Have fun with the day comp and there are still loads more competitions in the October newsletter. Better get cracking if you would like to win some terrific prizes!

Love and Butterflies





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  • Jolie

    A swiming
    B water
    C splashing
    I chose those words because when it is hot its
    fun to swim and splash in the the water.
    Love Jolie

  • Ellie

    A Sun
    B Swimming
    C Splashing
    We had a great weekend, we did lots of things and I had my swimming class. My aunty is getting married next weekend so that will be fun. Love ELlie

  • Imarsha, Binusha, Nerasha

    Imarsha sunny, swimming icypoles
    Nerasha Heat Swimming icypoles
    Binusha Sun water spalhing

  • bridget

    heat swimming and icy poles
    i really hope i win

  • Katelin

    My entry is
    3:Icy poles

  • marlo

    Well done to the girls that won. I love the bunny card.
    I would like to choose
    A Sun
    B Swimming
    C Icypoles
    love Marlo


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