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Back to school!

Posted on October 06, 2014 | 7 comments

Today is day 1 of term 4 for us. 

Back into routine and back into school sports.

Back into classrooms and back into uniform.

Back into early mornings and back into learning.

Back into homework and back into seeing friends.

Back into school projects and back into tests.

Back into…...

What else can you think of?

Love and school

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  • Linnea

    Hello would you like to take some time will have a good day

  • indi

    not a fan of school but still good to see all my friends

  • ariel

    back into lessons

  • Ellie

    Back to music in the music room. Love Ellie .

  • Mase

    Back into locker room chaos! I’m at the bottom locker so I always get squished!

  • Charlotte m

    Back into roll calls and readers and library books
    Back into music and choir and keyboard
    Back into art club and two square
    Back into loving school
    Back into bed I go!

  • Maddy

    Still got till next Monday


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