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Clip A Clover Winners!

Posted on September 16, 2014 | 8 comments

Good morning everyone!

Did you all have a fantastic weekend? What did you get up too?

I had a friends bowling party on Saturday. It was sooooo much fun! We ate sausage rolls and pies in the party room in between the 2 games that we played.

Have you been bowling before? 

It was bumper bowling so we couldn't get it in the gutters. Thank goodness.

At the end we all got party bags. I got this really funny little joke book in mine. 

Q."Name a jam you can't eat" 

A. "A traffic jam!"


Q. "What do cats eat for breakfast?"

A. "Mice bubbles!"


Now to something a little more serious. We have to announce the winners of the Clip A Clover Charm Competition.

Here are some entries...





Our 2 winners for the Clip A Clover Charm Competition are...






Well done to everyone that entered. A great job by all!

Charlotte and Marlo, your prizes will be sent out to you soon.


You still have the rest of the week to send us in your AFL clovers. 

Make your best AFL clover and send it to fcclub@foreverclover.com.au or mail it to:

P.O box 41


VIC 3185

Entries are due by Sunday 21st September.

We have had two entries in so far. 

Anushka sent us in her clover.

Anushka does not follow any footy team so she has created a Forever Clover Team! What a great idea!

Our other entry is from Stella,

Fantastic job guys! Keep them coming in!

Love and Swannies!



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  • Charlotte m

    Hi Gabriella? Are you new to the blog? Do you love FC too? My favourite colour charm is the green one, how about you? Happy holidays everyone x

  • Gabriella

    I like the jokes they are very funny.

  • Gabriella

    Hey charlotte
    what do you think your favourite clover charm thing would be.

  • Gabriella

    Those are cool pictures!

  • FC Club

    We had some great pictures sent to us from the swap meet!
    Charlotte, your talk sounds great. I’m sure you will do a fantastic job in the talent show too :)
    Imarsha, The colouring competition is going until the 30th September so you all still have time to get your entries in. The AFL Clover competition is finishing this weekend though.
    Have a great Wednesday :)

  • Charlotte M

    They were all cute photos. thank you, I can’t wait to get my prize. It was fun meeting the other girls from the blog at the swap meet too :)
    Today I’m doing a talk on being a member of the Forever Clover Club at school. We are dressing in footy colours too. This week we are having the final of our school talent show, and I am lucky to be in it. it should be fun. Thanks FC. X

  • Imarsha

    fc you know the colouring comp this month, can we still do it or is it over because i saw on the newsletter for this month that it finishes 30th sep.
    Thx Imarsha

  • bridget

    go charlotte good job


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