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Healthy Meal Drawing.

Posted on August 21, 2014 | 0 comments

The sun is out and what a beautiful day! Well it could be a little warmer.

There was frost on our front lawn this morning.

It is slowly melting away in the sun now though. Yesterday I was looking at all the cool coloured trees.

How beautiful are trees. I love the really huge ones that cover a whole house. Most of the huge ones drop leaves everywhere in autumn and they are fun to crunch through.


We did have another entry in from Sophi for the Create a Healthy Clover Competition. I thought I had put it up but I forgot :( Sorry Soph!


We haven't had any entries into the Draw a Healthy Meal Competition yet. It finished this Sunday!

Better get your skates on. We have the 3 rare cards from series 3 as prizes for our winners!


Also running is the colouring competition for August. You can win the 3 rare cards from Series 3 for that competition as well!


So many rare cards and so many opportunities for you to WIN!


Love and Leaves



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