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Forever Clover Loom Band Competition Winner!

Posted on May 26, 2014 | 3 comments

Good morning everyone,

Did everyone have a fantastic weekend?

Did you go anywhere special? We had a blast on Saturday because we all went to the park. We played soccer, frisbee and cricket.

It was such a beautiful day. We took lunch with us and stayed there for about 4 hours! It was totally awesome!

If only we could do that every weekend!

But we had more important things to do like picking a winner for the Clover Loom band competition.

Here are some entries...



Imarsha, Binusha and Nerasha,

Our runner up is...


Our winner with the best loom clover is...


Fantastic effort from all our entries. We loved them all!

Can Bridget and Mikayla please send your addresses into us at fcclub@foreverclover.com.au so we can send out your prizes!

Thanks for all the entries and don't forget the colouring competition is still running until 30th May.

Love and oranges






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  • Charlotte m

    That’s a great name for your bird :) I would love to get a budgie one day. Thanks for the reply. X

  • Mikayla

    Hi Charlotte Thank you :) I was very excited it was a big surprise, I only found out just tonight!!! My budgies name is Efrionna or Efron for short. It means Singing Bird. She is my best friend and does everything with me. :)
    Your toe bracelet looks great too! I’ll have to try that idea would be nice for summer.

  • Charlotte m

    Wow I love that loom bridle, Mikayla. Well done to you and Bridget. What is your budgie’s name ? X


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