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Forever Clover bags!

Posted on May 23, 2014 | 8 comments

Hello my clover friends, 

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. It certainly has been a busy one! 

Yesterday I had swimming at school. It was freezing! I think I am getting faster though. I beat my personal best time. We have a new swimming coach this year and she is teaching me new ways to make me swim even faster. It must be working! 

We have a huge favour to ask you all and we would love you to tell us what you think.

There are two new Forever Clover bags that have been designed. 

Some of us LOVE the animal one and some of us LOVE the sunny showers one.

We can't decide! 

What do you think?


Why do you like one better than the other? 

Do you like the colours? 


Thanks for for all your help! You might see these bags for sale later on in the year! 

Have a great weekend!

Love and decisions




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  • Natasha

    I LOVE the animal bag because its sooooooooooooo cute

  • Ellie & Marlo

    Hi girls, we love the new bags. I love the bright one and Marlo loves the sunny showers one. Very cute. Love Ellie and Marlo xx

  • Stella B

    I love them both

  • sophi

    hi girls,

    i like the sunny showers bag better because of the soft coulors . i’d like the animal bag if it were softer coulors!

    luv sophi

    ps when will the fc app be out

  • Indi Harrington

    Hi FC,
    I love the animal one. I just love the colours they are beautiful, and I can not wait to buy one in the year.
    Thanks for the say Indi:)

  • Katelin

    I like them both ! But I like the sunny showers one the best

  • bridget

    i like the animal one because or the colours i think you should make one with everyone on it

  • Charlotte m

    Hi FC

    Can’t wait to be able to buy a bag.
    Could they have forever clover written on them?
    We love them both, but if had to choose:

    Charlotte – I love the animal one because that’s one of my favourite cards. I like the stripes and the bright colours.

    Charlotte’s mum – Sunny Showers is one of my favourites :) and Emma and Asha because they remind me of Charlotte and bronte.. I like the softer colours.

    Very exciting that a bag is coming …..

    Thanks for showing us


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