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Wet Weather!

Posted on April 30, 2014 | 7 comments

Rain rain go away come again another day!

It has been raining so hard this morning! Why today?

We are meant to be having school athletics today. It has been cancelled :( 

I was so looking forward to it! I was so excited last night I could hardly sleep.

Oh well I'm sure they will just change the date until next week. Hopefully it will be dryer!

Something that did cheer me up this morning was some letters that we received from Sienna.C.

Thank you so much. We each received a little book each with a note to each of us. Very Lovely!

This Picture just came through as well...

Thanks Eboni,

WOW! So many loom bands!

Hope you all have a lovely dry day :)

Love and Umbrellas


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  • Anne

    hi i think you are really awesome

  • Kate

    Hi Everyone,
    Ellie you were very lucky it didn’t rain!!
    Hope you are feeling better Charlotte. You were also very lucky to get some cards.
    Good luck with districts Isabella. I’m sure you will do a fantastic job!
    Hope everyone has dried off.
    Keep warm
    Love Kate xo

  • Ellie

    I had my cross country on Thursday. We were lucky it didn’t rain. It was fun .love

  • Charlotte m

    I got a pack of new series 1 today, I got one glitter card I don’t have :) I can’t wait for series 4 and a FC bag. I have been home a bit sick. Can’t wait to feel better and go swimming x

  • Isabella Maier

    We had our school cross country and 800 metres. We were lucky it rained when we had finished our running. I was so lucky because I came second in both. Now I go through to the districts in 2 weeks. I really like running. Next week we have our school athletics events, I hope I do a good job there as well. What is your favourite event? Track or field? Isabella

  • Mase

    It was raining so hard!!! I think tomorrow is going to rain even more!

  • sophi

    hi girls

    i had to walk to school today. i had to get there early (8:30) so i had to leave at 8 am and just as i left it started pouring:(

    sophi xoxo


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