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Colouring Competition!

Posted on April 15, 2014 | 7 comments

There is still one more day to enter the Easter Colouring comp!

Here are some entries so far...









Keep them coming in! They are looking fantastic!

Love and Hot Cross Buns


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  • Abbey

    Hi Rachel,
    Yes we got your colouring in entries! Have a great Easter

  • Rachel

    Hi Forever Clover.
    Did you my entry and my sister Anna’s entry for the colouring competition?
    Happy Easter.
    From Rachel

  • Olivia

    Hi Kate,
    The winner of the colouring competition will be announced next week! We have so many entries to go through!
    The Winner will get a pack that has Series 3 cards plus magnets, an album and a tin.
    Hope you all have a fantastic Easter!

  • Kate

    Hi fc when will they winners of the coluring comp be announced and what series is the cards and album in the Easter pack that u win

  • Imarsha Binusha Nerasha

    Hi FC when are you gonna announce the winner?
    Love and Clovers Imarsha Binusha Nerasha :)

  • Maddie

    Hi Mase, For the colouring competition you win a Forever Clover bundle pack.
    it has an album, cards, magnets and a tin in it.

  • Mase

    What do you win? I’m sending my loom today!


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