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My Hero Competition!

Posted on April 14, 2014 | 6 comments

How is everyone enjoying their holidays?

We all went indoor rock climbing on Saturday. It was very tricky. It was my first time rock climbing. 

I nearly got all the way to the top which I thought was pretty good considering I had never done it before.

Maddie got all the way to the top! She was like an expert.

We spent a few hours there and it was just the best fun! The man that was helping us was really funny and kept us laughing all day with his jokes.

Have you ever been rock climbing before?

It is a lot harder than it looks. It is tricky when you get your legs all twisted and can't go the way you want to go.

We had a competition that finished on Sunday. The My Hero competition.

We only had one entry for the competition but it was a fantastic entry!

So our winner is.....


This is my hero, our dog Jemma. She scares away the possums from eating things in our veggie garden and keeps our home safe.


You are very lucky to have Jemma to watch over your house and garden.

What a great picture! She certainly is a hero.

Congratulations on winning the competition!

I'll get your prize in the mail for you!

Love and Veggie Patch



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  • Katelin

    Oh I hate rats they eat everything.when will you announce the winners of the colouring comp

  • Mase

    Haha! My dog found a rat right next to our compost bin too!

  • Ellie

    Wow! I can’t believe no one else entered, I’m lucky.
    Mase we have a rat in our back yard and Jemma barks at it too near our compost.
    I have only been rock climbing in the ones at the parks. It sounds like fun.

  • Maddy

    I haven’t been rock climbing either Kate

  • Mase

    Oops, I meant rat not eat!!!

  • Mase

    That picture is cute. I have a dog. Every year on easter there is always rats in our pantry nibbling on our Easter eggs. A week ago my dog found a eat in our garden and hunted it down!


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