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Competition time!

Posted on April 08, 2014 | 16 comments

How is everyone enjoying the school holidays?

Yesterday Emma came around and we watched a movie. We watched Beauty and the Beast.

Belle is so beautiful! We both love her yellow ball dress. Chip is another of our favourite characters.

We have seen Beauty and the Beast quite a few times but it is just as good every time we watch it.


We have decided it is time for a school holiday day competition.

How many times do you think Emma and I have seen the movie Beauty and the Beast?

Just select 1 number from each line to make up a 3 digit number.

A) 0 or 1

B) 2 or 1

C) 8 or 5 or 4


Reply to this post or send your answer to fcclub@foreverclover.com.au

All correct answers will win 1 series 3 tin and 2 packs of series 3 cards. But your answers must be in by midnight tonight (8th April)

Good luck!

Love and ballrooms


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  • Georgia P

    I think it is 0 + 1 + 4
    AND THAT IS 14!!!

  • Maddie

    Very very very soon….

  • Hannah

    When will they announce the winners

  • Maddie

    Thanks Alex, Great idea! We might do one very soon…..

  • Kate

    Love Kate + I love forever clover

  • Starlah

    yes im loving my very first school holidays!!
    my mummy is typing for me a i think Emma and Maddie have watched
    A 0
    B 2
    C 8
    28 times!!!
    xoxoxo i am excited!!!
    thank you,
    love Starlah x

  • brig

    i choose 014 i hope i win ps could i please get the emma tin because i have got a tin for everyone else

  • clare

    i guess 018

  • Alex

    i think it is 024

    also i have an idea for a comp
    since loom bracelets are so popular it could be who could make the best charm/bracelets

  • sophi



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