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Colouring in competition!

Posted on April 03, 2014 | 3 comments

Yesterday at school we had sport. We got to play hockey which is our all time favourite sport to play at school!

We had two captains and they had to take it in turns of picking their players.

Matilda, Emma and Kate got picked for one team and Maddie, Olivia and I were on the other team.

It was very strange playing against our friends. It wasn't very serious though. Aiden, who is in our class, is the class clown and kept making us laugh!

He is very funny.

Madilyn has sent us in a picture for the Easter colouring competition.

How awesome does it look?

The colours are so bright!

If you would like a copy of the colouring in sheet you can email the Forever Clover Club at fcclub@foreverclover.com.au

You can win a Forever Clover Easter Pack!

Happy colouring!

Love and marshmallows 


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  • madilyn

    That is my colouring page
    My Birthday is on 9 of april and it’s almost here!!!!

    Love From Madilyn

  • Kate

    We haven’t had one for a while have we? I’ll check with the girls. See what they think. xo

  • brigini

    could you please please please do a day comp soon?!!!!!!!


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