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Science test!

Posted on April 02, 2014 | 5 comments

These tests are doing my head in! 

I have 3 this week. Maths was on Monday, yesterday was science and tomorrow is history.

I was very proud because I got a B+ for maths and an A for science. I'm pretty nervous about history though. It's not one of my best subjects. I have tried so hard to be ready for the test though. Fingers crossed! 

What subjects are your best at school? 

I love music but I'm not very good at it :( 

Is there a subject you love but don't think you are the best at? 

School can be pretty stressful at times but most of the time it is pretty fun.

Hope you are all having a fun week at school. It's nearly holiday time! 


Love and singing in the rain

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  • imogen

    dear Foreverclover i am relatively good at spelling.I have won this terms yr 4 Spelling Bee!

  • Zara

    Sorry I have not posted you something in yet this year I was so so bissy
    Great since !!!!!!!!!

  • Abbey

    That is very funny Mase! Must be the time for tests! Well done on getting 98%

  • Mase

    How funny! I just had Maths test on Monday and today we got our science and art test! I got 98% and I didn’t know for science because the teacher forgot my test in her office! From Mase

  • sophi

    i love art! im fine at it ! im the oppusite to you with music! i am great at it but don’t like the way the music teacher at my sschool teaches it

    love sophi xoxo


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