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My Favourite Book Competition Winners!

Posted on March 24, 2014 | 2 comments

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all had fantastic weekends! Did you come to our swap meet at Mint Jelly?

There were so many people there. I know a few people finished off their sets! Don't worry if you couldn't be there. There are a few more later in the year.


Well Monday has come around again and we all know that means it's time to announce more winners!

With this competition you had to take a picture of your favourite book and tell us why it is your favourite book.

We had this entry from Mase: 

My favorite book is EJ12 girlhero kimono code because i love the shiny cover and agent EJ12 is a spy! EJ12 is a spy and she goes on many cool missions and in this book the evil shadow is stopping the cherry blossom flowers from blooming. This book has my name printed in it!

We would love to announce our RUNNER UP is.....

KEELY: I like Finally because it is magical. The weird Lady in the book stops Rory growing too fast! It is a great book for children aged 8+.

Our first place and WINNER goes to....


Here is a photo of me with my favourite book, The Magic Faraway Tree.
I like the Magic Faraway Tree because the 4 children go to different lands
every day. They go to the land of toys, the land of dreams, the land of
do-as-you-please and many more lands! They have friends who live at the
tree. Their names are Moonface, Silky and Saucepan man.

Thank you all for your great entries! We are going to look for those books so we can read them. They all sound fan-clover-tastic!

Love and Reading


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  • mase

    cool! i have heard of that book, the magic faraway tree. ill probably borrow those books at the library!

  • sophi

    hi hannah

    well done !

    what did you do on the weekend!

    love sophi xoxoxo


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