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Competition time!

Posted on March 17, 2014 | 14 comments

Happy Monday to everyone!

How did you spend your weekend?

I had a friend's birthday party on Sunday. She had a circus party.  There were juggling balls, popcorn, red and yellow balloons everywhere and they even dressed their dog up like a clown. He was so cute and funny! They were trying to make him jump through a hoop but he was too interested in the birthday fun!

The circus party gave me an idea... let's have a circus themed day competition!

Maddie and I have drawn a clown. We have coloured him in.

If you can guess what colour pants he is wearing you can win 2 packets of series 2 cards and 2 packets of series 3 cards.

The choices are:


A) Purple with pink polka dots


B) Red with white stripes


C) Yellow with orange and green stars


Just pick one answer A, B or C and if you can guess the correct answer you win!

Entries must be in by Midnight 17th March and only 1 entry per person. 

Happy guessing!

Love and lions

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  • Emma x

    Hi Sienna, Thank you for your pictures! They will get put up onto the blog!
    Have your chicks grown Mase?
    Unfortunately the competition has finished, Ruby. There will be other comps though!
    Love Emma

  • Ruby

    I think B. Red with white strips

  • Sienna M

    I said A

  • Mackenzie


  • Mackenzie

    C because I like stars

  • Imarsha Binusha Nerasha

    Imarsha- Red with white strips

    Binusha- Purple with pink polka dots

    Nerasha- Orange with green stars

    Love and Lions:)

  • mase

    i think its B
    on saturday i visited my chicks!!!!!

  • Sienna M

    Dear FC girlz I’ve sent you an email with pictures please put the pictures on the blog
    Sienna M

  • bridge

    i choose (a) purple with pink polka dots

  • sophi

    sounds like fun

    i think b


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