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Swimming Update

Posted on March 12, 2014 | 1 comment

The school swimming trials were so much fun!

A friend from school, Lauren, and I had a dead heat for 4th place and so we had to race against each other again!

Sadly I got beaten :( I was very disappointed but I knew I did my best and she deserved the spot on the relay team.

The teachers made the day so much fun! We played one game where the teachers threw in heaps and heaps of dive sticks. Everyone had to jump in the pool, duck dive down and grab as many as we could!

The winner got a block of chocolate! Lucky them!


Do you have a great teacher at school? They make school so much more fun!

Don't forget to enter the March Competitions! Some great prizes to be won!

Love and freestyle


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  • Charlotte M

    I love swimming too!
    Could we please see all the pet cards from the comp.
    Love Charlotte. X


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